PONG iPad Case: Review


The Pong ipad 2 case is one of the world’s only cases which protects the user from radiation. This does not affect the 3G performance for the device in any way. The Pong iPad case is optimized for the 3G user as well as Wi-Fi. Some users may be concerned with radiation exposure from using the iPad or any idevice. If that is a concern here is a way to protect you and maintain performance.


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The cover of the Pong iPad 2 cases are made of premium faux leather with soft microfiber lining which keeps the display clean as well as protected. It has a hard shell which forms a cradle for securing it in place while protecting it from daily wear. The Pong case folds into multiple positions for using it for either portrait or landscape mode. This allows the user to be comfortable while typing or just simply surfing the Internet.


The Pong iPad 2 case is ideal for protecting the user and the device simultaneously. If you enjoy using the iPad to watch movies, reading books, typing, or just need protection, this is a great case for many purposes. I have personally been using the Pong iPad 2 case for a couple weeks now. I can say that I really enjoy using the Pong case. The only thing I would suggest to a person before purchasing is it needs to be broken in before starting to use it. You need to repeatedly fold the case in the creases that exist in the design. This will allow the cover to function much easier at the different viewing angles. The Pong iPad 2 case can be purchased at www.pongresearch.com for around $100. Feel free to leave any comments below.




Mitch Stevens



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