Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics Voyager Pro is one of the nicer Bluetooth on adapters available on the market. When I first began using the Voyager 

Pro, I was a bit undecided. I thought it was a bit large and awkward.  Especially, the way it wraps around the ear. After using it a few days I was well pleased with it.  I have been dependent on speech to text computer software for quite sometime. I had a motorcycle accident in 2004 that paralyzed my right arm.  Now, this is how I do the biggest part of my word processing today.  I use the software from Dragon Nuance and the Voyager Pro.  They have awesome speech recognition software for the computer and Apple devices.  By using a combination of all these products I am just as able to produce a ten page article as the average Joe. 

  The Plantronics Voyager Pro can be used on either the iphone or computer.  It can also be used with the software called Dragon Nuance. They have developed applications for using this on any of the idevices and built software for the computer too.  Dragon Nuance is a speech recognition software for word processing on the computer.  They have developed iPhone applications in the Apple store to accommodate the iPhone and iPad users as well. It does a fantastic job recognizing the text that is spoken with amazing accuracy. The best part about the Voyager Pro is its ability to connect with more than one device and being able to do that accurately without having to type a code each time you connect. The Voyager Pro has definitely won my approval for a number of reasons but the greatest thing about having the Voyager Pro is its accuracy.   The Voyager Pro allows the user so much freedom with each device.  By using the apps for the idevice you can surf the internet, search for phone numbers, or type a word document.  Needless to say, it is a bit large and looks a little bit like a Garth Brooks headset LOL. But believe me with a couple phone calls or just a simple search on the iPhone you will be glad you made the purchase.

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The Voyager Pro also has the ability to connect with a computer. That's one of the greatest features about owning the Voyager Pro is its ability to talk to the computer or the iPhone.  You don't have to enter a code each time you want to connect your device whether it's a computer, Mac or PC or your idevices.  Any type of idevice is compatible with the Voyager Pro. It has settings on the ear piece to adjust the volume and shut the power on/off.  I hope by reading this article you are able to better understand some of the Voyager Pros greatest features.   A detailed list of the devices features can be seen on Plantronics website here.  Here are some of the features I think make it the best choice and what I liked best about the Voyager Pro.


  • Easy set up
  • Connects with more than one device
  • Connects with PC, Mac, or iDevice
  • Long Battery Life
  • Long range connection with PC or iDevice
  • Filters out 80% background noise
  • Picks up voice at a whisper even in a crowded room
  • Apple Application



  • Slightly large


I really don’t have anything negative to add.  I found this Bluetooth device to be very helpful.  I was able to connect to my PC and iDevices both without any trouble.  It has its own application for audio recordings and searches.  I was able to surf the internet with ease using the new Dragon Go application by Nuance.  This is one of three applications they have devoted to using this device.  I recommend anyone looking for a Bluetooth device to visit  The devices retails for $99.  I wrote this article using the Voyager Pro and Dragon Nuance.  I think it does an amazing job.  Don't you agree?  Please feel free to leave any comments below.


Mitch Stevens 

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