Pad & Quill Case Review

We have many choices of protection for our idevices these days.  With all the many companies available we almost must do some research on the topic before purchasing.  Well I'm here for that very reason.  I enjoy bringing you all the many different case reviews available.  The iPad is a very expensive item so we must take great care of our device.  Pad & Quill make a unique type case.  It resembles the back of a book.  When the device is inside the case and on a book shelf it would be very easy to not recognize it sitting inside the bookshelf.  The Pad & Quill case is unique but provides nice quality and protection.  The case inside is made of birch wood.  The camera hole, volume buttons, charger, and the other openings are all accessible using this case.  It has a ribbon to resemble that inside a book for easy removal of the ipad from the Pad & Quill case.  They offer several other cases for all Apple products including the Macbook, Kindle, Nook, and others.  The ipad case prices start at $49.99 and up.  The iPhone and iPod case prices start at $39.99 and $44.99.  They also have the Little Black Book for the iPhone 4S available now ready to ship for $44.99.  If you would like to purchase a P&Q case for your idevice visit  I have included a video review of the Pad & Quill below.



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Nice Quality

Made of Italian Bonded Leather

iPad and iPhone Case available in 3 colors

Bookmark for easy removal

Handmade in USA

Two Slotted Positioned Viewing Angles



Landscape View only

Overall, this is a very nice case made from great quality leather.  I really like the feel and look of the Pad & Quill cases.  The only problem I could see is it can be used in landscape mode only.  I would have to rate this 8 of 10 only because of the lack of portrait view.  Watch the video review below.  Feel free to leave any comments below.



Mitch Stevens'




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