Otterbox Defender Series iPad 2 Review


Otterbox Defender Series iPad Case


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This is the most rugged case on the market today.  When I first saw the case I thought this would be a geat case for the outdoors or children.  Why?  It provides more protection than any case I have seen so far.  The Defender Series is my favorite of all the cases Otterbox makes.  I currently have one for my iPhone 4 too and wouldn't think of using any other case. 

  The Otterbox Defender Series does add a little bulk and weight to the idevice.  I know that seems to be a big topic when you are researching which case to buy.  I personally am willing to sacrificre a few ounces of weight to gain complete confidence that my device is protected.  No matter what environment may be you can have full faith your device is protected.  I saw an ad were someone had actually weighed the device.  Based on what their results.   The case adds approximately 20 ounces to the final weight of the device.  I don't think a little over a pound is that much.  The ipad only weighs a little over a pound anyway.  So you're talking only a couple pounds for ipad and case together.  I personally haven't noticed the weight difference while I have been using the case.  I think this is the best case on the market and my personal favorite.

  If you have protecting your device in mind.  You will want to buy this case.  I can guarantee it will protect your device like no other.  I have had the case for my iphone since it was released and I don't have a single complaint.  To protect the screen Otterbox has added a acreen protective film to each order that is processed through  This is truly one of the most rugged and protective cases on the market.  It does add a little weight and bulk to the device but I feel it's a fair trade to feel completely protected.  They don't give these devices away cheap.      

   To purchase your Defender iPad Case visit  today. They will also include a free protective screen protector free of charge.   I have included an installation video if you need to see how to install your case or just curious.




Mitch Stevens



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