Otterbox Defender iPhone 4S: Review


The most important decision after purchasing an iPhone, can be deciding which case to purchase for the best protection. I have had the privilege of using many different types of cases.  If I had to choose only one case from the many I have used it would be the OtterBox Defender. The OtterBox Defender does add a little extra weight to the device. It's not very noticeable after you begin using the case. It does make the iphone a little bit thicker. I know many people are very proud of how thin and sleek the iPhone 4S is. However, I think protection has to be top priority.

   While carrying my iphone inside the Otterbox Defender I have dropped my iPhone several times. The OtterBox has always protected my iPhone. I have dropped it on blacktop, concrete, hardwood, and many other hard surfaces. The OtterBox has always protected my iphone from all type of scratches.  Whether it was in my pocket, on my belt, or carried in a backpack it has been protected. 

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One of my favorite features of the OtterBox defender is it includes a clip for carrying it on your belt. This may be awkward or even useless if you're a woman. The Otterbox will also protect the iphone should it be thrown in a purse or bag to carry.   OtterBox makes several types of other models that may appeal to other users.  Another great model of the Otterbox is the Commuter.   I think this would be a better fit for a woman.  The defender belt clip can be used as a stand when you are watching videos on the iphone. It can be used in either landscape or portrait positions. I use the belt clip often to view videos at my desk on my iPhone.

  It also includes a screen protector for the iphone.  The Otterbox is 100% all around protection.  It provides access to all the buttons, connectors, and plugs needed.  This is the most protective and versatile case on the market for the Apple iPhone.  I have used many others and they just can’t compare.  For peace of mind and complete protection visit to purchase your case.  The Defender sells for around $49.95 and comes in a variety of colors.  I think you will be well satisfied and happy you purchased the Otterbox brand.


Mitch Stevens

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