Much Needed iPad Case Diversity......

IPad’s are being integrated into our lives more each day.  The Apple app store has over 300,000 apps available for download.  

What do these numbers tell us?  There’s an application available for anything.  So why wouldn’t we need a case for all occasions.  At the present time I don’t think there’s one case I could say will accommodate every device for all situations.  I have a select few iPad cases I use at different times.    I have a case I use when I am around the house called, the Genius by ZooGue.  Read the complete review on the ZooGue Genius here.  I have a more elegant case I use for business related travel called, Sherpa. Sherpa is made from high quality leather with a very elegant style and beautiful brass buckles.  The Sherpa can be purchased for $49.99 at

  I told the brief overview of the different types of cases to make a point.  With so many iPad apps and diverse situations, how can we expect one case to perform all our daily duties?  We have different type shoes, pants, and even underwear. 

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  The automobile is one of the places the iPad is viewed most.  Many parents use the iPad as a way to entertain kids on long trips.  This is a great way to keep all parties sane. LOL CoulVue has developed a great way to view the iPad securely inside the automobile.        

  CoulVue mounts your iPad securely to the back of any standard car headrest, allowing backseat passengers to watch movies, browse the web, listen to music, or play games. It’s the perfect accessory for creating an immersive entertainment experience for your passengers.

Features from

  • Flexible arm mount that extends out for playing games or surfing the web, and easily retracts for watching movies or listening to music.
  • 360° twist/tilt function allows the passenger to easily flip between portrait and landscape mode, as well as angle the device for optimal viewing.
  • Wide range of motion creates dozens of possibilities for positioning the iPad.
  • Reinforced locking system that holds the iPad securely in place, even when going over bumps, potholes, or even bridges!
  • Soft-coated inner lining protects your iPad and keeps it scratch and scuff-free.
  • Takes seconds to install and uninstall from headrest.
  • TouCoul 1-year warranty

The CoulVue is a great way to position the iPad so it can be seen while riding in a car. If you are interested in learning more or want to purchase this case, visit  Feel free to leave any comments below.



Mitch Stevens


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