Monotron Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer: Review

The Monotron Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer is developed by KORG.  It’s a pocket size synthesizer, which can be carried in a pocket for on the go music creations.  The Monotron synthesizer offers professional sounds at novice levels.  I have never used a synthesizer but within a few minutes I was able to connect the synthesizer to my ipad and create music tracks.  It’s a great deal of fun to say the least.  The Monotron can create professional sounds without a great deal of knowledge about mixing or synthesizing.



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Pocket size makes easy to carry

Runs on Two AAA batteries

Built-in speaker

Audio input in/out


The Monotron synthesizer makes great on the go fun for music creators of all types.  The Monotron synthesizer offers a portable way to synthesize music of all types.  It’s very simple to set up and use.  It can be purchased at for around $49.  It’s a great way for the novice or professional to create music on the go.  The Monotron Ribbon Synthesizer is capable of accommodating either DJ’s on stage or the beginner who just wants to learn how to synthesize.  Feel free to leave any comments below.



Mitch Stevens  

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