LifeProof iPhone Case: Five Stars!

We all like to protect our iPhone from all the elements of life. Well now there is a case just for that called LifeProof. Now if we could buy one large enough to protect ourselves from life. LOL. I have been using this case for a couple weeks now and I'm impressed with its overall function and protection. I don't think I'll be taking calls at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean anytime soon. However, I do like the fact that it protects the iPhone from all elements such as snow, rain, and dirt. I am a bit of an outdoorsman and I have always been worried about getting caught in the rain and damaging my iphone.  Well now that worry is gone.  I have the answer to that problem.  Well, I don't have the answer.  LifeProof case is the answer.  If you are caught in a thunderstorm, get snow in your pocket while skiing, or just outside goofing off.  I like to ride four wheelers too.  I am a bit of a mudder and like I said before I have always had to take those extra precautions when it got time to get busy in the mud and water.  So if you're like me and enjoy these type of activities get a LifeProof iphone Case to protect your iphone from the elements of life.  This is an awesome case to say the least.  It doesn't add any bulk or weight o the phone at all thats very noticeable.  It's not only a protective case but  a nice design too.  I like the overall appearance of the case itself. 

  Some of the great features of the LifeProof case which I feel are worth pointing out include waterproof, lightweight, design and more we will discuss later.  We have all accidently spilled a drink on our phone and gasp as we did.  Well I'm not telling you to pour soda all over yourself but just in case you do your iphone will still function.  How many are guilty of getting caught in a storm half way between the car and your destination.  This can be an iphone killer as well.  I personally have been guilty of this more times than I care to admit.  If the iphone was inside the LifeProof case instead of running faster and being afraid the phone would get water damage.  We could just throw our head back and do a little dance and enjoy these rain showers in the summer.  The LifeProof has many added bonuses.  This being one of many I could go on and on about but I won't.  If you are an outdoorsman this case is going to be a life  saver or should I say "iPhone Saver." It has so many great ways of protecting the phone.

  Don't be afraid to take your iphone to the beach.  The sand and water no longer will be a threat.  You can get those great flick pics with your iphone now guys.(wink)  If you like to take pictures underwater now you can use your iphone up to 6.6 ft.  You can also listen to music underwater with an extra attachment for the earphone jack that can be purchased on the website at  I think you should be aware you will need waterproof headphones for listening to music in or under water.  It has a high degree of shock and impact protection tested to military specifications.  Now if its rugged enough to protect the military's iphone, I think it will greatly exceed my standards.

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  The only thing I found that was a little problem with the case was button responsiveness under water.  But I'm not going to be doing much underwater photography.  The buttons are still accessible but just not as sensitive.  The water seems to keep the screen from being as responsive to the touch as normal.  Its not a deal breaker or even a reason to not purchase the case.  I only stated it to make others aware.  There is a difference between the responsiveness above the water and below the water.  Like I have stated the good tremendously outweighs the bad.

  If you think this sounds like a case you could use visit LifeProof's website here.  They are very affordable at $69.95 and come in several different colors.  Feel free to leave any comments you have below.



Mitch Stevens


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