Kensington Wi-Drive: Review


Kingston Wi-drive is a portable, wireless storage for Apple products and other devices. The Wi-drive comes in 16 GB or 32 GB options. I think if you're going to purchase extra storage I would definitely go for the bigger 32 GB version. The reason being is it's only about $20 extra dollars and it's well worth it. The Kingston Wi drive is very simple to operate and connect to your network. Simply download an application from the App Store onto the Apple device that you're going to be using and it will walk you through the installation with ease.


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Start by adding the music, video, or other files that you want to share onto the Wi-drive. The best way to accomplish this is to attach the wi-drive to your computer with the supplied USB cable. This will add a new drive and your computer will recognize it as additional storage.  Next drop and drag the desired files onto the wi-drive. This will allow all other devices on the network to see and read the information. The wi-drive will allow three devices to use its information simultaneously.

I found while using the wi-drive there was no lagging of any kind. This is a positive thing for this type of storage.  I also like the small structure of the device. It is about the same size as an iPhone. It can be easily carried in a backpack, pocket, or any other carry bag. The battery life for the wi-drive is about four hours. This is one of the things I thought what could've been a bit better but for the most part I felt that it performed as it should.


The only negative thing about the wi-drive is storage capacity and battery life. The Wi-drive retails for $179 for sixteen gigs. At this price I thought it should have been at least 128 GB storage capacity. The Wi-drive can be purchased at I believe with a little development this will be a great product in the future. It is definitely a product worth purchasing now if you need extra space for storage on your idevices.  

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