Kensington KeyFolio Pro Bluetooth iPad Case


 The Kensington KeyFolio Pro can provide the user with all the functions of a full size keyboard.  This keyboard is a full functioning keyboard just like the one on your desktop or laptop.  They didn't forget or leave off any keys or functions.  I am currently using it to type on now.  The keys are all in the correct location and not cramped at all.  You can use your ipad in portrait or landscape position.  I think with this keyboard it will be very easy to leave the laptop on the counter top and grab this on your way out the door.  Its very well designed and made of durable synthetic leather with protective edges to reduce wear and damage.  You have full access to all the ipads controls as well as the 30 pin connector for charging or connecting other devices such as a camera or projector. 

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  The ipad along with this Kensington KeyFolio Pro could be used for any type of business or presentations.  As well as typing documents or sending emails as you fly to your destination.

  Now that we are awaiting the release of icloud.  I don't see having a large hard drive a priority.  Therefore,  we can use devices such as the iPhone, iPod, and iPad to accomplish everyday task.

  Pairing and connecting the keyboard was very simple.  I slide the ipad into the case and turned on the power button on the keyboard.  Once the keyboard was turned on I opened settings on the ipad and selected bluetooth and turned it on.  Once the ipad detected the keyboard it simply showed on the ipad screen the numbers I needed to type in order to pair the devices.  I don't think it gets any simpler than that. 

  I have also included a video demonstration of the Kensington keyboard.  If you  want to buy your own visit  They sale for $99 and you get a free stylus at this time. The stylus is awesome too.  Not only is it a stylus but a pen.  You have a stylus on one end and the pen on the other end.  I really like the idea of having both together. 

  The only negative thing I would like to see addressed on the case is the viewing positions of the ipad.  I would prefer to have more angles of view to choose from.  I noticed using it in my lap I had to tilt the entire case in order to see the screen comfortably.  It's not a deal breaker but a suggestion.  I think this keyboard is one of the best bluetooth keyboards available on the market today. 

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the keyboard.  Maybe you know a different brand you would like to suggest.



Mitch Stevens




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