To Jailbreak or Not To Jailbreak?



Top Reasons for Jailbreaking Your iDevicesipad jailbreak

Jailbreaking has been a highly controversial issue with the Apple community since the first iPhone was released in 2007.   When the iphone was first released jailbreaking was actually illegal.  It has since been legalized.  I know here in the U. S it's leagal.  I'm not sure of the laws in other places or countries.  There are hundreds of tweaks, applications, and themes available to change the physical appearance and the overall way the idevice performs.  I am going to share a few of these applications, themes, and tweaks with you here. This is only the tip of the ice berg.  I hope you enjoy. 


 Jailbreaking allows so much freedom for the user to customize their idevice. For every technical thing Apple doesn't allow or just didn’t put on the device, there has been  a jailbreak tweak or application to accommodate the user.  Whatever you are looking to do with your device most likely can be accomplished through jailbreaking. For example,  you can modify your device to look anyway you want it to look for your individuality. My phone or iPad doesn't have to look anything like yours because of jailbreaking abilities. This is  done by through themes and tweaks from Cydia. 

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  Apple limited the users usability by not allowing certain apps to be sold in the apple app store.  This is the primary way Apple can keep certain features from being allowed on the idevice.  I have listed  my top five reasons for jailbreaking.  Although its hard to just pick one reason or any set number of reasons.  But for the sake of space and writing I will list my five primary reasons.  All of the themes and apps listed below can be bought or obtained freely through Cydia. 

1.        Themes – by using themes the user may customize the way the idevice looks from the lockscreen to the key pad and anything in between.  For example, here is a photo of the springboard of one of my favorite themes.  This theme is called Unique HD. unique hd


2.    You can add applications to your device that Apple doesn’t sell in their store.  By using these applications you can add about any feature imaginable to your device.  Here is some of my favorites.  MyWi, allows you to tether your ipad or laptop to your iphone.  This has become quite controversial at the moment.  If you are caught using this without a plan that allows you to tether you could be charged a fee from your cell provider.  Even with the fees it allows you to use the iPad 2 to surf the net over  a 3G network.  This allows an iPad 2 without 3G to be tethered to an iphone and use the 3G network of that device its tethered. 

3.       I am going to group the following three applications into one category.  Apple limits the number of apps to a page, the number of applications in a folder, and the number of apps on the dock.  The following apps can change all this.  You can add more than twelve applications in each folder through, Infinifolder.  More than four

or five icons to your dock through, infinidock.  Add more than sixteen icons to a page with infiniboard.  These are great tweaks or customizations to have on any idevice.


4.        Games – if you are a gamer you can add emulators to get about any kind of Nintendo game available.  I have composed a list of my favorite games that can be read here.

5.       PKG Backup – allows you to backup your iphone in case you have to restore it by having a backup you don’t have to download each application, theme, or tweak one at a time all over again.  This will restore your device just as it was before the restoration.  So if you are going to jailbreak this application is a life saver and can be purchased in Cydia for $7.99.  It’s a little pricey but it will save you so much time and frustration.



This is not even close to all the reasons for jailbreaking any idevices.  It can give you an idea of what's available and some of the applications, themes, and features available.   If you have any questions feel free to comment.    Thanks for reading.jailbreak iphone pic

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