IPEVO has developed one the more elegant folio style Bluetooth keyboards.  The Bluetooth folio style case is called Typi.  The Typi connects very easily through Bluetooth 2.0.  Simply slide the ipad in the Typi folio case and connect by typing the four digit code.  You will now be able to leave the heavy laptop behind on business trips or vacation.  The ipad can easily be transformed into a workhorse in conjunction with the Typi Bluetooth case.

  The Typi offers a very soft plush feel while giving a very elegant look.  The Typi can be positioned into different viewing angles by adjusting the leather strap for holding the device closed.  The Typi has a cushioned palm rest below the keyboard.  The keyboard keys are positioned very nice for accurate typing.  The keys offer nice resistance without being hard to use.  I thought the keyboard had a nice MacBook type look.  I have received many compliments during the short time I have been using the Typi.


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·      Awesome MacBook look

·      Keyboard positioned well

·      Key travel very nice

·      Adequately priced

·      Cushion wrist rest below keyboard


The IPEVO Typi is one of the more elegant Bluetooth keyboards I have used.  It offers awesome usability while protecting the device from dust, scratches, wear, and tear.  It can be purchased at www.ipevo.com for $79.  Feel free to leave any comments below.



Mitch Stevens


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