iPad Case Review: BWeasel "Simplicity meets Efficency"

iPad Case Review:  BWeasel “Simple and Efficient”


bweasel stand photoBWeasel is a simple and efficient stand.  It offers many different options or ways to support your ipad 2.  It gives the user the ability to use the ipad in either landscape or portrait position without changing anything other than simply flipping itaround yourself.  It’s simple adjustment are two nuts that tighten the tension on springs that hold the support in place.  The stand is covered with a rubber coating that protects the ipad from any damage while it is in the stand.  This is a great stand for home or the office.  It can be used to support the ipad in bed or on a desktop.  While using the BWeasel I found it very supportive and held the ipad 2 in place.  This is one of my favorite ipad 2 stands.  It can be put on or taken off in a matter of seconds.  For travel you will never notice the extra weight.  Bweasel is very affordable at $24.95.  They offer a model for both iPad versions.  The website address is http://www.bweasel.com  order yours today. 


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Mitch Stevens


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