Improve Cell Service with Wilson Sleek Signal Booster


The Wilson sleek signal booster is a simple and efficient way to improve your cell phone signal for any type of cell phone including the iPhone. It is as simple as plugging in the provided cables and putting your iPhone in a cradle while using. The Wilson sleek has been carefully engineered to improve the performance of the cell phone signal. Together with the outside antenna and the cradle the phone it improves disconnects and dropped calls.  The Wilson Sleek does not require any drilling or cutting of any holes in the automobile.

The phone cradles in the Wilson Sleek and should be used with a Bluetooth headset. You may also use the hands free feature of your cell phone as well.  This will reduce the risk of any accidents while driving. The signal is then boosted by the Sleek to the tower.  When the phone transmits, the signals picked up wirelessly and boosted by the sleek and broadcasted back to the cell tower through the outside antenna. To install simply plug in the 12v power adapter and position the Wilson Sleek in a desired location. Place the magnet antenna on top of your automobile. Last connect the antenna cable to the cradle. This is all that's required to install the Wilson Sleek signal booster for the auto.  The Wilson Sleek may also be used inside the home with the provided antenna rest and power outlet adapter.  The Sleek must be placed in the cradle for the best signal results.  I found using a Bluetooth headset was the most versatile method.

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Features from

Wilson Sleek Features Include:

  • Installs in minutes - no special tools required
  • Amplifier cradle features a built-in antenna and battery charger
  • Dramatically improves your cell phone's voice and data performance in weak signal areas
  • Amplifies signals to and from the cell site
  • Up to 20 TIMES more power than your cell phone alone.
  • Dramatically extends battery life by reducing the power the phone uses to reach the cell tower
  • Built-in port for battery charging
  • Attractive, compact design
  • Adjustable arms to fit almost any phone


Kit Contents

  • Wilson Sleek all-in-one cradle combo: amplifier and charger
  • Outside vehicle magnet-mount antenna
  • Cigarette lighter power adapter
  • Installation guide
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Limited one-year product warranty




I have had the opportunity of using the Wilson sleep for the past couple weeks. I have seen a drastic improvement in my cell signal at all locations. I reside in a high mountain type location. The Wilson Sleek has improved my ability to talk on the cell phone in all locations I have chosen. I have found that my signal has more than doubled in all locations. If you find that you need more signal boost to keep from losing calls or dropped calls while talking over the self-service. I strongly recommend that you purchase Wilson Sleek signal booster to improve cell signal. The Wilson Sleek can be purchased at for  $129. Please view the video below to get a better understanding of how to install the Wilson Sleek. I hope you find this review helpful.

Thank you,

Mitch Stevens



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