ik150 Kicker iPhone/ipod Dock: Review

The Kicker ik150 is like nothing you have ever heard in the clock radio line of products.  This is an awesome product for many reasons.  One of the many great features of this product is sound of course.  It offers much more than just great quality sound as well.  It charges the iphone or ipod with its built in docking station as you rest.  When you get ready to go to bed attach the iphone or ipod to the top of the station.  Its very easy to dock  for charging.  Simply attach the iphone to the ik150 by sitting it in the dock bay.  Its that simple, really.

  I was completely blown away by the sound of the ik150.  It has bass that will rock the entire house.  There isn't any distortion at any level of volume.  I played various kinds of music.  Before using the ik150 I was using the iHome.  Needless to say,  the ihome has been donated to a friend.  I will be a lifetime Kicker fan.  Not only do they make killer clock radio type products, they have awesome headphones and many other electronics.  I would recommend anyone who's looking to buy any type of personal audio device or other electronics to check these guys out.  They offer a great warranty with all their products.  The quality of their products is phenomenal.  They also have many different types of car audio equipment.  The customer service is second to none. I had been thinking about purchasing a Bose but saw these online and did some researching.  I'm glad I made the choice to use Kicker.  I would like to see the Bose and Kicker compared side by side to see the faces of consumers when the ik150 blowed it away in sound quality and volume.  That is a challenge Bose if you want a comparison review between the two products.  I would be happy to do the review here for the readers to see.   My contact info is on my site below.


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Price compared to other high quality units

Two alarm clocks

Aux jack

Headphone Jack




I would like a cord hook up for charging or use in addition to the dock bay

Second Charging port for dual charging devices(his/her)


Overall, I recommend this product to anyone looking for a new way to wake up and charge their iphone simultaneously.  This is a product good enough for any home.  It has a great look and design.  It looks good enough for any room in the home too.  If you are interested in buying the ik150 visit www.kicker.com.  Feel free to leave any comments below.



Mitch Stevens



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