iHome iDM11: Review

The iHome iDM11 is one powerful cube.  It offers great sound quality at any volume level.  It connects very simple by using Bluetooth.  It can be used with any device, which has Bluetooth capability.  I have connected it to my iPhone 4S, ipad 2, ipod 4th gen, and Macbook Pro, and iMac 27 inch.  All these devices connected without any problems and added great sound quality to all of them.

  The sound quality of the ipad 2 has been one of my biggest complaints for any of the Apple devices made.  I feel with the physical size of both the ipad 1 or 2 sound quality could have been much better.  But moving on from the obvious.  The iHome iDM11 adds great sound to music and movies for any Bluetooth compatible device.  If you feel like myself about sound quality of your idevices you will appreciate adding the iHome iDM11.  This small cube packs a dynamite size punch.                       One of the best features of the iHome is its ability to be used as a speakerphone.  That’s right, you can take calls and hear calls through the iHome iDM11.  And I might add it does a great job.  I have used the iHome for making calls and everyone in the room could talk and hear the person on the other end without any problems.  This would be great for conference calls for business.  The idevice companies just keep bringing ways to eliminate the full sized computers and laptops.  Now they are adding phones to the mix as well.


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·      Small

·      Bluetooth

·      Can be used as Speakerphone

·      Great Sound quality

·      Rechargeable

·      Wireless


The iHome iDM11 can be purchased at www.ihomeaudio.com  for $79.  This is a great addition for anyone who wants to improve the sound quality of their personal Bluetooth devices.  It makes watching videos and listening to music much more enjoyable on any device.  Feel free to leave any comments below.



Mitch Stevens


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