GelaSkins Review: Add your own art design to your device

GelaSkins Review

gelaskinAre you extremely protective of your iPad 2?????   Gelaskins offer great protection from scratches without adding weight or bulkiness to your devices.  They offer Gela Skins for hundreds of devices in many different designs.  You can even upload your own art design or photo to use.  Most people are very protective of their iPad 2. But some of the cases on the market add more weight than protection.   The GelaSkins company has been around for many years but they have just recently added the iPad 2 collection. The iPad 2 skin cost $29.95 with the other devices in the price range. They not only add protection but they brighten up the look of the iPad without adding weight or bulkiness to the ipad 2 or other devices.  To apply the GelaSkin you simply peel it off the provided stock and line up the edges and gently work out the wrinkles or bubbles.  I found it much easier to start in the middle and work my way out after aligning the edges.   They don’t leave any residue after they are removed.  They offer great protection from scratches while being carried in a backpack or purse but do not offer any protection from a fall or drop against the ground.   I would like to see Gelaskins figure out a way to allow the skin to be used more than once.  Besides that I think they are an awesome way to individualize our devices.  To order GelaSkin visit today. 


Mitch Stevens

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