Free Cydia Apps for iPad 2

Best Cydia Apps to Install after JailbreakMe 3.0

This article discusses some of the best applications needed after the jailbreak.  This is my opinion and the best ways I have learned to use my ipad 2 through trial and error mostly.  I’m sure some will argue about better apps but this is my choice and opinion for what I use.

The biggest reason I feel people jailbreak is to have more control of how their idevice looks and functions.  Through jailbreaking and installing these Cydia apps I have listed will allow you to do just that.  You can change everything from the physical appearance to adding how the home and volume buttons allow an app to function.

Free Cydia Apps

1.       At this time the PDF Patcher 2 needs to be the first thing installed after the jailbreak.  This will make the device more secure and protect you from hackers or unwanted intruders.

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2.      Winterboard will be the most used part of the jailbreak for physical tweaks and changing the way it looks overall.  This will allow many customizations just by ticking or moving something above the other.  It works on a hierarchy type deal.  Whatever is on top takes over what’s below the other tweaks.

3.      Last App does just as the name implies.  You can set it to open the last app through activator.

4.      Activator is where the user sets certain buttons to perform specific task.  For example, with last app I can set the last app to open by hitting the home or sleep button.

5.      SBSettings is probably the app or tweak I use more than any other.  You can turn Bluetooth on/off.  Respring or power off the idevice.  You can add other toggles to this by installing other tweaks from Cydia as well.

6.      Tab + allows more than nine tabs to be open inside safari.  With this installed you have an unlimited amount of tabs.  Its at the users discretion with this app installed.

7.      BytaFont allows the font to be changed to whatever you like.  Other fonts can be downloaded and applied inside bytafont.

8.      Bosspaper can change the wallpaper and set it to change when apps open, or each respring, or a time interval can be applied.

9.      Cydelete allows the user to delete Cydia apps directly from the springboard.  Simply hold an icon down until it starts jiggling and a small (x) will attach to the app.  Tap the (x) and the application will be deleted after confirmation.

10.  SplitMail for iPad enables using the split dual-view in portrait orientation.



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Mitch Stevens

Manchester, KY.

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