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Headphone Review:  Earjax by Bodyguardzearjax logo

Earjax by Bodyguardz.  I was pretty impressed overall by the sound quality of these earphones.  At a price tag under $70 bucks who could or even would complain?  Most of the headphone companies on the market making headphones today have scary prices like $199 or more.  I looked at one pair that was over $300.  Now come on people, these are only earbuds we are discussing here.  However, the sound quality of the more expensive brands is great.  But I still can’t bring myself to pay that kind of price.  I would like to have a pair of the real expensive kind but unless I win the lottery, which you have to even, buy a ticket for that to happen, I probably never will. 

  These headphones come in a nice box with their own hard shell carrying case and several different size earbuds.  They also have an aluminum storage tube to wrap the cord.  I thought this was a great idea for many reasons.  Mainly to keep the cord from tangling but also prevents the wires from being bent too much and breaking inside the covering.  My daughter is notorious for bending the cord to the point it can break the wires inside.  By using this aluminum storage device to wrap the cord will prevent any breakage in the cord as well as tangles or knots. 

From the website www.bodyguardz.com directly.

"Every time you buy a BodyGuardz earjax product, a portion of that sale goes to help fund the world-wide distribution of hearing aids to those who are unable to afford them. We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, a respected non-profit organization, in supporting their world-wide initiative “So the World May Hear.” To date, Starkey has donated over 400,000 hearing aids globally."

I have to say overall BodyGuardz did a great job.  The earphones have an inline mic for making calls.  They also have  a button on the cord to turn the music on and off.  They made an awesome product, provided carrying case, different earbud sizes, and an aluminum storage tube.  If the owner would use this product as intended I think it would last a lifetime.  But hey, they took care of that with a limited lifetime warranty.  The only negative thing I see about these earphones, which is minute, is Bodyguardz should have used the same kind of material for making the cord all the way.  It has an awesome heavy duty cord from the jack to the y-joint.  But from the y-joint to the earbuds it has plastic cable like on all other earphones.  Hmmm, don’t understand that?????  I would have to say 9/10.  Simply due to the cable not being the same strong fabric all the way.  I would suggest these to anyone looking to buy a pair of headphones.  If you are looking for good quality at a reasonable price Bodyguardz is definitely worth considering.  You can purchase a pair from www.bodyguardz.com.  Please feel free to leave your comments.

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