Display iDevice Photos & Video on TV

The iPhone 4 is a great way to capture those lifetime memories.  I have often read that more photo's are taken with a cellphone camera than any other type of camera.  The iPhone 4 has a 5 megapixel camera and the iPhone 4S has upgraded the camera to an eight megapixel rear facing camera. The iPhone 4S takes awesome pictures and video. Now with the new IOS five I think many developers will include this fanastic asset within their apps.

 Many people want to watch their videos taken from the iphone 4S on their own TV. This is very simple task to do.  All you need is a cable connector that plugs into the 30 point pin connector and plugs into the television. This will allow the user to play videos and pictures on their own personal TVs anytime. The iPhone 4S has 1080p video capabilities .  The eight megapixel camera will take even more beautiful pictures and videos displayed right on their own home television. It's very simple to set up all you do is simply plug  the 30 point pin connector into the iPad or iphone. This will play the users photographs and videos on the home telivision.  The cable connector can be used with a hdmi or rca connections.  

Watch the video below to better understand how to do this.   The cable connector in the video can be purchased at http://www.digitopz.com.  They have many different iPad accessories available for the iphone,ipod, and ipad. 

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