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  Dension car dock is customized for the Apple iPhone 4, 3GS, and 3G.  This is a great dock for anyone wanting a way to interact with their iphone while in thew car.  They do not promote driving and using the iphone.  But rather while your sitting in traffic jam or at a red light.  This dock allows the driver or person in the car using the dock to have access to their iphone at the tip of their fingers.  It can be mounted to the dash or windshield with the provided accessories needed.  The great thing about this dock is not only is it a third arm to help hold your iphone but a charger as well. 

  It comes with its own free application in the app store called Car Dock.  I have personally used this app and its extremely user friendly.  The screen is divided into four simple categories.  The categories are music, phone keyboard, maps, and settings.  The app is capable of playing your music over an FM frequency. Make handsfree calls through the dension dock.  It has a built in mic so simply speak and the caller can her your voice.  This is an awesome and safe way to make calls and listen to your favorite tunes while your on the road.  It also comes with a jack for a wired connection if you prefer. Most automobile stereo systems today come with an aux jack. If not,  simply use the fm frequency to play your favorite tunes or make calls. The dension dock system will use your car speakers for audio while making calls.  So the persons voice your talking to will be heard over your car speakers.  This makes hearing you call much easier to hear.

  The dock is very easy to lock your iphone into before traveling.  Once you have the iphone docked simply open the app and connect the iphone through whichever method you chose wired or over FM frequency, and your ready to rock.  It's easier to use the Car Dock application to select tunes than the small interfaces of the other methods available while driving.  The Car Dock can be purchased at for $130 plus shipping.  This is an accessory every iphone user will find beneficial.  Check out the details on their website.  Hope you enjoy the dock.  Let me know your thoughts.



Mitch Stevens







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