ClarityOne EarBuds: Review

  ClarityOne earbuds deliver the best sound I have ever heard from earbuds.  The highs, mids, and low mixture are perfect due to the 3D mixing processor they have inside them.  It definitely makes a major difference in the sound quality.  These are fairly new to the market but expect big things.  Needless to say, I do expect we will be “hearing” great things from the ClarityOne team.  The also include a PureSound Processor which eliminates virtually all distortion. This technology improves sound quality from smartphones, ipods, mp3 players, and audio books.  They truly are awesome sounding quality earphones.

  ClarityOne also has an inline remote which offers complete control of all your tracks while listening to your jam.  They have a built in mic for taking calls and an in-line remote for volume and track control.  The cable is anti-tangle for keeping the wire tangle-free.  This has definitely become one of my pet peeves. I cannot bear using a pair or earbuds or earphones of any kind with the wires in knots.  It not only looks terrible will eventually lead to wire breakage and lower sound quality.


  •     Awesome Sound
  •     Tangle-Free Cable
  •     Carry-Case included
  •     In-line mic
  •     In-line Remote
  •     Three different sized silicone ear tips



ClarityOne earbuds can be purchased at for $129.  They offer superb sound with a built in mic/remote.  They truly are at the top of the list for delivering sound quality.  Feel free to leave any comments below.




Mitch Stevens   

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