Choiix iPad Sleeve and Wave Stand: Review

The iPad 2 is one of the sleekest and thinnest tablets on the market. Many iPad 2 users may choose not to add a case for protection due to adding weight or bulkiness to the iPad. Users who do not use a case for protection still need protection. Choiix offers a sleeve for protection for these type users. Cooler Master has developed several accessories for the Apple products.  One of the many accessories they make is the 2E sleeve. The 2E sleeve allows the user to protect their iPad after use for during transportation from one location to the next without adding extra weight or bulkiness. The 2E sleeve is made of an eco-leather type material that protects the iPad from dirt, dust and scratches. This sleeve can be used with other tablets too.  It has an elastic anchor that help holds the iPad for tablet inside this leave. Features taken from Choiix website.

• Eco-leather material with RoHS compliant
• Protects your iPad or iPad2 from dirt, dust and scratches
• Magnetic strap to keep iPad or iPad2 secure
• Have enough room to put in iPad with case or iPad2 with smart cover 
• With the elastics anchoring your iPad or iPad2 inside the sleeve


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  Cooler Master also makes a stand called the Wave stand. This stand is made of aluminum with rubber tips to help hold the iPad in position and protect the iPad from getting scratched. The stand is very compact and lightweight. This is a great way for users who do not use other cases or stands to position their iPad for tapping for watching movies and other activities. These products can be purchased at Features taken from Choiix website.

• Foldable universal tablet stand
• Compatible with iPad, iPad2, Xoom, Flyer, and most tablet PCs
• Premium aluminum fits your tablet in stylish
• Slim size for convenient carry
• Support table PC in landscape and portrait orientation







Mitch Stevens

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