CellHelmet iPhone 4S Case Offers 100% Accidental Breakage Insurance

Are you looking for accidental breakage coverage?  CellHelmet cases are totally convinced they will protect your iphone 4S. They offer complete breakage coverage of any kind for the first year.  At present time you can get this complete coverage for only $40.  The kickstarter program has helped promote the case.  They are trying to raise the money to get their project started.  By pledging $40 customers get a full year coverage against iphone damage.  It doesn't matter if you throw it, stand on it, drop it off a three story building, throw it out the window of your car, well I think youget the idea.  

  Cellhelmet is the first case to offer this kind of coverage here in the U.S.  The Cellhelmet will be 100% munufactured in the USA.  That makes it even better.  They are trying to help take care of our own.  I can't wait to try this out.  I'm excited to see just how rugged these cases are going to be.  The protection must be superb and second to none.  That includes your favorite case now.  HMMMMM Watch the video below for the complete story.


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Help us Kickstart the project.  The cellhelmet project is currently underway.  We expect our mold to be at our facility on March 8th, 2012.  If all goes as planned, we will begin production on March 10th.  We need your help to raise an additional $10,000, which will be used for our first run of production and a few budget overages that we have met along the way.

Where the funding goes.  

  • $14,600 for our injection mold (in production).
  • $1,530 for engineering costs (complete).
  • $750 for our Manufacturer Identification Number (in process).
  • $650 for our backplate die (in process).
  • $500 for web development (complete).
  • $400 for renderings of cellhelmet (complete).
  • $200 for prototyping (complete).
  • $TBD - Our first run of products.



Mitch Stevens


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