CaseCrown Keyboard "Compact Giant" *****Five Stars*****

                                    Compact Bluetooth CaseCrown Review

  The CaseCrown bluetooth keyboard.  This is a powerful little device.  I am using the compact bluetooth keyboard to type this review.  Besides the physical size, I can't really tell much difference. The keys are a little close and harder to push. The functions are still the same as the full size keyboard.  Most are in the same locations.  The features that are in a different place aren't hard to find at all.  The keys rate a little close together but I think with a little practice this will be irreplaceable.  I really like the full function of the keyboard put into such a small area.  If you get a chance and type a lot of email on your iphone or ipad.  This is the way to go.  You have all the features and functions you need in this small keyboard.  If you hurry you can get it on sale for $49.99. Now you can't beat that anywhere. This will pair with any bluetooth device.  Use it on your iphone, ipod, ipad, and even your computer.  It was simple to pair the devices.  It took about thirty seconds and I was ready for a long days work.  Carry this in a purse or backpack and never notice the extra weight.  If you want to turn your ipad into a laptop look alike they make cases that hold the keyboard in front of your ipad.  This gives it the feel and look of a laptop.  Hope you enjoy the review.  Buy your CaseCrown keyboard today at


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Mitch Stevens

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