Buy New iPad For Much Less: ISELLMYIPHONE Will Buy Older/Used Devices

The “new iPad” release is just around the corner.  Many of us are pacing the floor, anxiously awaiting its arrival.  I have been trying to figure out a way to off set the cost of buying the new ipad.  The guy’s at offer an answer.  Sell your old devices or should I say slightly used devices, you are currently using.  They will purchase most of the older devices such as iphone 2G, ipad 1, and many others.  They have a complete list available on their site.

  Simply fill out the form online.  The information online is very straightforward.  Send them the online form filled out along with a few pictures of your current idevices along with serial numbers and a photo of the device.  It takes approximately 72 hrs. after they receive the online request to process the information.  Once the information and pictures are processed you will receive an email.  Should you want to proceed and are satisfied with their offer, they will send you a Fed-Ex pre-paid shipping box.  After receiving the prepaid Fed-Ex box properly package the device and ship it to them.

  Based on what many people are saying iSellmyiphone offers more money for old or used devices as opposed to other competitors. 

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  This will be the simplest, fastest, and best way to offset the cost of buying the new ipad.  Now you can convince the significant other to buy your new devices as they are released.  Rather than collecting dust or lying in a drawer, trade in the old phones for much needed money.

  It only makes sense to trade in the old iphone, ipod, or ipad.  The new devices are so expensive most people can’t afford a new one as often as Apple releases them.  Now through this company, many more people can afford the new devices as are released.  Feel free to leave any comments below.



Mitch Stevens

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