Bracketron Universal Window Mount

If you have an iPhone you have a built in GPS.  Why not use this application right at your fingertips.  there are many different applications available in the app store that do a great job turning the iphone into a GPS.  Even if you don't need a GPS you need a way to hold your iphone while you drive.  It makes using the iphone very simple.  The Brachetron Universal window mount featuring Grip-it is the only mount I have found that will hold the iphone securely inside an Otterbox case.  Many companies make great mounts for the iphone but they can't be used with a case.  Hello, how many users like to walk around without their iphone protected.

  I can tell you first hand this is an awesome mount.  It has a powerful suction cup that attaches to your window.  Its very simple and easy to get the device secured and released from the mount.  This can be done with one hand.  Also, should you get a call while driving you can concentrate on the road with this mount a bluetooth headset.  If you need a bluetooth headset read my review on the plantronics here.

  This is a must for any type of traveling.  So visit www.bracketron.comto purchase your own iphone window mount. The mount sales for $29.99.  This mount will securely hold you're iphone were you can see it.  This will allow you to keep your focus on the road as opposed to looking all over the car for the iphone.  So do us all a favor and use this little life saver.

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Mitch Stevens

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