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I have enjoyed blogging for many years.  I think most most people will agree with this statement.  Most people's first website is a blog or a static site built on the wordpress frame.  I started my adventure blogging before the ipad was developed.  I am always looking for ways to improve my sites or blog.  Today we are moving toward icloud development and more people are using the ipad and tablets.  This seems to be the trend we are in now.  Therefore, I believe developers are starting to develop more applications to fit this style.


Blogsy is a great application for building and maintaining a blog or static site using WordPress, Blogger, etc.....  Whether you have a self hosted site or not doesn't matter.  The application has features so simple an elementary student could use it.  I was very impressed overall with this application.  It doesn't matter If you need video, photos, web, picassa, and more its all right aT YOUR FINGERTIPS literally.  This can all be done from inside this application.  It is very possible to run a blog or website completely from this application on your ipad.  I know there are thousands of applications on the market but I have to give credit where credit is due.  This application is great.  If you want to put video in your post simply tap the youtube icon and select the video you need. 

  However simple this application is I do think it does require a little knowledge and understanding of html.  You don't need to be a person that can sit down and code an entire site.  I am simply saying to better understand how things function and list are made for example. 


  Set up is a breeze.  Simply select which blog you have wordpress or blogger.  Type in the corresponding usernames and password and your ready to run your site from the iPad.  It really is that simple.  The application is simple enough for the beginner or advanced enough for the developer.  When I first opened Blogsy I was able to create a test post within two minutes.  I recommend anyone that has a blog to try this.  This is the simplest, yet most complete way of controlling a blog that I have found so far inside any application.  These guys have really knocked it out of the park this time.  I will be using blogsy on my idevices.



Mitch Stevens

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