Best iPad Apps for Photo/Video

Many IOS users will be taking more photographs this holiday season. I thought I would share some of the better IOS applications in the App Store for taking and editing photos. Pro Camera is one of my favorite alternative applications for taking the place of the native camera app on any idevice. Pro camera has many available options and settings for users. My favorite feature of Pro camera is the ability to zoom. Once you have the subject in the picture you can zoom in or out depending on what it needs to get the better picture. This is a great asset to any camera application and photographer.

  Another great camera application is Camera Plus Pro.  It too can be used to edit and take photos and videos. Camera plus has many great features and settings for taking photos/video but only a few editing options.  One of the best features of Camera Plus is its ability to add filters to the video. This can make some unique, but great video and photos. It allows the user to use a timer if you want to get inside the picture yourself. You can zoom by simply using the scrub bar which doesn't get any simpler. It automatically categorizes your video and photos into separate folders or albums.

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  The best iPad editing app is SnapSeed.  It won 2011 Rewind List iPad App of the year.  They don’t just give that award to any old app.  This is a great app for adding filters, cropping, straightening, and much more.  This is one of my favorite editing apps available.  Another one of my favorites for editing photos is Photogene.  It has many great options and features for editing photos.  You can add text, crop, retouch automatically, straighten, make collages, reflections, and the list goes on.  This can be purchased for the iphone or ipad.  It is not universal, unfortunately.  I think all apps should be universal but they are not.



I recommend you watch the video demo below... Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below.






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