App Review: Snoring U, Sleeping U, and Baby M

App Review: Snoring U, Sleeping U, and Baby M


snoring u iconSnoring U is an app developed to help the sleeper track their level of snoring throughout the night and record their sleep session.  It can be purchased in the app store for $4.99.   This application may help you or a friend see how much they snore at night and make a graph of the time the noise level is the greatest and least.  The sensitivity setting can be adjusted to suit each persons needs. Once the noise level reaches the set level the app will nudge you to turn over and stop snoring. It comes with some preset nudge recordings or you can record your own voices to use, as a nudge. The application will monitor your sleep throughout the night and graphs the session plotting the loudest noises so the you can see when the noise level was the greatest during the night.  If you set it to record the sleep session you can then play the sound back and listen to yourself while you are asleep. The same developers have an application called Sleeping U that focuses with sleep only. 


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Sleeping U is an application for the iphone, ipod, or ipad that monitors the sleep of the user and records it.  It is intended for people who havbe sleeping disorders.  The graph allows you to zoom in on the loudest noises time and play back the sound.  I really like this feature of the application.  This allows you to not only see the graph but hear what you sound like as you sleep.  I have to give these guys two thumbs up on all three apps.  I see so many great needs for these applications and practical purposes for them.  You simply place the iPad microphone side as close as possible to your bed and press the start button. The next morning when you awake you can view a graph it makes of your sleeping session. These applications was developed under the guidance and recommendation of Doctor Advice.

Overall, I thought all both applications had great features to offer the user. They have practical purposae and could help the users health. If you or someone you know snores or has a sleeping disorder this could be an easy way  to help correct the problem or at least monitor it.  Itunes link for Snoring U and Sleeping U.


Mitch Stevens



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