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I have been very impressed with the iPad 2. I can't believe just how versatile it really is with all the applications being created.   The app store just hit the 100,000 app mark.  So can you imagine a tablet that has the ability to run 100,000 different applications.If you want to play a game, no problem. If you need to take notes, no problem. I am going to write about only one option available for note taking and word processing. I recently purchased the application for the iPad 2 called Pages.  This is an application closely related to Word.  It is a trimmed down version from the iMac version  You're able to share your documents and print with the tap of a couple buttons with your fingertip.  It comes preloaded with several examples of different types of letters to help get you started.  Pages has the ability to add media, shapes, charts, or tables by simply tapping the menu bar.  It's so easy to change font type, size, color, and many other formatting options. Such as adding styles, list, or formatting the layout of the document.  It has spell checker, word count, and center or edge guides built in the menu bar too.  The styles option makes it easy to add pictures or charts and see exactly how it appears in the document.  I also like the undo button. If you make a formatting mistake simply tap undo and your back to the way it appeared before the last change. Great option guys, two thumbs up for that.

  Overall,  I have to give Pages a 9.5 out 10. The only reason I see to not give it a ten is with all the icloud hype. I would like to have seen dropbox added directly.  But I see this being added in an update as time progresses(hint, hint). So if you need a writing tool or note taker that can get the job done even when you're  on the go, this is the tool for the job.   right choice. Although, a bit pricey,  it's worth the $9.99 in the end. It's, a three part series that is part of iWork. Add numbers and Key- Note Presentarion to have the complete version of iWork for the iPad 2.

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