App Review: iDraw on iPad 2


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App Review:  iDraw on iPad 2

  I recently was given the opportunity to review and use idraw.  First, I want to thank indeeo for the promo code and the opportunity to review iDraw personally.  I was literally blown away by the sheer ability of all the features this app had to offer its user.   This is an application that can fit a scale from things as simple as kids doodling to as complex as drawing house plans,  to a beautiful art piece.  I  spent some time with this application and learning the way it works.  This application is as close to Adobe Illustrator as you can get without having Illustrator on the actual ipad itself.

One of the best features of iDraw is the ability to create layers.  It also has a built in set of brushes as well as some free ones you can download and install at no cost.  Some of my favorite tools are the pen tool, multi-pointing, and editing tool.  You can import and export to dropbox and save to your ipad library as well.

The application has all the tools needed to perform complex technical illustrations or simple doodling the kids can make on a plane to go visit family.  The sky really is the limit with No pun intended.  The tool bar is almost identical to the one adobe uses in illustrator.  I am somewhat familiar with several of adobe’s products so I think that’s what made idraw simple for me to take right off without any hesitations or problems understanding how the app works. If you don’t have prior knowledge of any of Adobe products I don't think its a great disadvantage only an advantage to have the knowledge.  If you don't know anything about illustrator, no worries.  You will be able to view several tutorials inside the app itself and online indeedo has prepared a few video tutorials to watch.  If that’s not enough go to YouTube and you will be an expert with idraw in just a short time.  In closing, I would have to give iDraw a 4.8 out of 5 stars.  The only reason I didn’t give this app five stars is I pesonally like the feature of the blending options.  Such as being able to add drop shadows and so on.  I think we will see this with an update down the road but until then we can only wait and hope. You can watch a video review I did here. 

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