Act..Film..Direct.. Completely Alone With the Mini iPole: Review

Have you ever wanted to film yourself with the iPhone 4S?  This can be a daunting task, especially for any length of time.  Most iPhone owners have been looking for the perfect iPhone tripod for quite some time.  We have all used the adapters that connect the iPhone to the tripod.  These can be a bit ornery at times and hard to keep from losing.

Paul Akers is the owner and CEO of the innovative company FastCap.  Paul recently told me in conversation he relied completely on the iPhone 4S for all his company’s video needs.  Now that’s what I call dedication. The iPole Mini is a great device for taking video of yourself. It’s the smaller brother to the iPole, which is used for hiking and has a moveable mount for an iPhone or camera.

The iPole Mini can be used for hiking or walking as well. The iPhone mounts on top of the iPole with the iPole case.  The iPole is a great way to stabilize all your shots or extend your arm an additional four feet. I recently used the iPole to get a photo of a bird’s nest in a tree. I simply set the iPhone camera timer and got a great shot way above my reach.  You can attach a digital camera or the iPhone 4S to both the Mini and the iPole.

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The iPole Mini allows the user to act, film, and direct totally alone.  It’s now time to make that video of yourself you been procrastinating on. The iPhone 4S has made iPhoneography an awesome, enjoyable adventure for us all.  The iPhone 4S camera allows anyone to take professional quality photographs or video. The iPole Mini allows the user to film alone without needing help from others.

The iPole Mini can be purchased at for $24.95. They have many other great products for the iPhone 4S.  Feel free to leave any comments below.



Mitch Stevens


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