Video Recording Comes to the iPhone - Sort of...

A post on the blog proudly reports that the company has made history with the first live broadcaster app for the iPhone:

Today we are thrilled to announce the availability of the Ustream Live Broadcaster for the iPhone, now available from the official iTunes App Store.  This is the first live broadcaster ever available in the App Store, bringing the ability to broadcast live to anyone. From birthday parties, kids’ sports games and baby’s first steps to your latest vacation, this app enables anyone with an iPhone to share important moments with family, friends and more.

The app is free, and apparently can enable live streaming on 3G or Wifi. Read the full post and get the download link.

Also, the TUAW (the Unofficial Apple Weblog) has reported on Camcorder, a 99 cent app which promises real time video recording on your iPhone. They tested it on both a 3G and a 3GS and found the frame rate to be a bit slow, and the audio to be just 'okay'. A TUAW reader alerted them to another 99 cent app called iVideoCamera, so search the AppStore for it. Frankly, for a measly two bucks, even if these two programs are a little less than spectacular, how can you go wrong?

So, how come we're suddenly seeing this class of app when previously it was verboten? Well, Apple has loosened the API video reins. You can read about it Wired as they covered that last week. Wired links to an Ars Technica story which details how the developer behind KnockingLive wrote directly to Steve Jobs to get approval for their video recording/sharing app.

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Of course, if you've (ahem) 'jailbroken' your iPhone, and like to make video recordings with it, you've probably been using Cydia's Cycorder app. Just Google for the link.

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