Handheld Goodness: The OWLE Bubo Improves the iPhone Stills and Video Shooting Experience

OWLE (Optical Widget for Life Enhancement) Bubo

Until recently, it hasn't been possible to shoot video with an iPhone (iPhone Life coverage here and here). And while there are any number of clever holders and mini tripods to help people take steadier photographs with their iPhones, until now, there hasn't been anything like the OWLE (Optical Widget for Life Enhancement) Bubo

Created specifically for the iPhone, the Bubo is an aluminum and silicone case combo which is designed to improve the iPHone's audio and video capabilities. The stabilizing rig - which can be mounted onto a tripod - includes a high-quality Vericorder microphone and 37 mm wide-angle/macro lens and retails for U$129.99.

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OWLE (Optical Widget for Life Enhancement) Bubo

Each corner of the Bubo has a drilled hole so you can screw in anything you can find or make to enhance it (like this guy from Handheld Hollywood who made a neck strap after visiting the hardware store for some 1/4" x 2.5" eye bolts). Additionally, since the mount for the lens is a standard 37mm, you can mount any number of lenses there, and not just the one which comes with it.

Don't worry about the no-flash-synching thing. There's a shoe to mount a light. As well, the microphone can be replaced with one of your choosing. Probably, you can even plug in a wireless receiver and have the microphone itself elsewhere (hidden camera fun, anyone?).

It would be great to have an option where the Bubo ships just with the aluminum case and silicon holder for a reduced price. Oh, and other colours, too, please. I can't wait to try one of these out!

OWLE (Optical Widget for Life Enhancement) Bubo

Product Features:
    * Anodized aluminum case improves iPhone camera with upgraded lens and boom mic
    * Improves video or still shots
    * Works with iPhone 3G or 3GS (However 3G requires additional app to shoot video and the quality is poor)
    * iPhone fits inside included silicone case, then mounts inside the aluminum housing for full protection
    * Constructed from a solid block of milled aluminum
    * Shoe mount on top allows you to add camera accessories (flash will not work, since there is no way to sync it to the iPhone camera shutter)
    * Four screw mounts on the corners of the case enable you to mount to a tripod
    * Comes standard with 37mm lens threading, as well as a 0.45x Wide angle/macro combination lens
    * Add any other lenses with a 37mm mount

View some stills shot with the OWLE and here are some videos (view more here on their YouTube channel):


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