Adobe pulls the plug on iPhone, ceases all Flash and AIR development (via Download Squad)

Over on, Sebastian Anthony has posted some very interesting news:

It seems the camel's back has finally snapped: Adobe's Flash department has curtailed all Flash and AIR development for the iPhone OS platform. Citing the recent change in Apple's developer license, Adobe no longer believes the iPad or iPhone to be a safe or worthwhile investment. The ability to target iPhone and iPad in Flash CS5 will still exist, but no further work will be made by Adobe to update or support that feature.

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Although I can't lay claim to being a big time programmer, I've got quite a bit of web design and development under my belt, mostly coding and scripting (HTML. CSS, JavaScript, some PHP and Ruby on Rails, etc) so I can develop apps which run in a browser and which will run on some mobile devices.

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And using Flash/ActionScript, I also developed a stand-alone framework for trivia games which worked on WinOS, MacOS although I created them specifically for windows mobile devices. I'd love to be able to port those games over to the iPhoneOS, but alas apparently not. Maybe I will be able to do that for Android because here's an interesting sidenote from that post: "Adobe has now shifted its efforts towards Android and the upcoming Android-based tablets. Both Flash Player 10.1 beta and Adobe AIR 2.0 beta for Android will soon be available."


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