XtremeMac Zip Folio Review


Yet another iPad 2 case has come to market, but unlike the dozens of others, the XtremeMac Zip Folio features a zipper that protects all sides of the iPad, not just the inside edge as is the case with most iPad cases. In addition to the zipper, the Zip Folio also houses interior pockets for business cards, paper notes, pens and other styli. Is it worthy of consideration in the crowded case category? Read on to find out.
It is getting increasingly difficult to recommend a generic iPad case that serves all needs. Some may opt for a colorful pattern while others are seeking a serious business executive tone. Others want a highly personalized experience with all the options while still others prefer the simplicity of Apple's own magnetic Smart Cover for the iPad 2. But the Zip Folio is the first iPad 2 cover I have reviewed that features a zipper to protect every corner of the iPad.
Zip Folio
Along with the zipper and the internal pockets, the case is perfectly sized for the iPad 2 and also features the now expected, standard rear camera hole. The interior is adequately padded with a soft microfiber material to protect the iPad in transit, and there's enough space to fit a handful of business cards and papers in the provided pockets. There's also a convenient loop to hold a pen, or what is becoming more popular, an iPad stylus.
The key feature, the Zip Folio's zipper, effortlessly encircles the case. Even quick zips don't seem to snag the zipper. After using the case for a few days, it was hard to go back to other cases that lacked this additional protection.
The Zip Folio comes in Black, Deep Plum, Grey and Slate Blue colors. The outside has a slightly shellacked gloss, giving it almost a sticky wet look (what XtremeMac calls a "glossy crinkle finish"), one that I personally didn't care for. I didn't mind the embossed pattern, but would have preferred a drier look to the exterior vinyl covering. But besides that minor visual irritant, the case was a winner and one that any new iPad 2 owner (especially one concerned about protecting all sides of their expensive iOS device) should consider.
Product: Zip Folio
Manufacturer: XtremeMac
Price: $49.99
Rating: 4/5 stars
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