Teach Me Sushi iPad Edition Review

Ever wish you could make your own sushi for a dinner party or a more colorful meal than hamburgers and hotdogs? Teach Me Sushi iPad Edition can show you how. Does this video-rich teaching experience deliver the goods? Read on to find out.

I have been a fan of sushi since a former co-worker introduced the delicacy to me nearly 20 years ago. Even though I enjoy this Japanese meal category, making my own has eluded me… until now. Thanks to Jake Davidow's encouraging and highly enthusiastic video presentations in the iPad edition of Teach Me Sushi, I am at least no longer apprehensive about making my own Maki and hand rolls.

Teach Me Sushi iPad Edition

Teach Me Sushi consists of 15 colorful and very sharp tutorial videos that collectively play back over 90 minutes of appetizing content. These high videos are also the reason for the program's massive size. Clocking in at nearly a gigabyte, Teach Me Sushi iPad Edition is the largest application I have installed on my iPad to date. Because of its massive size, it's best to purchase and download this on your computer, then sync your iPad locally to transfer the application. Using this safer technique, the whole process took me about 15 minutes from start to finish. And because the app takes up so much storage on the iPad, it's best to make sure there is plenty of available space before buying and installing it.

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Teach Me Sushi iPad Edition

Once the app is installed, navigating the videos is as easy as touching the video icon for each chapter. The application also includes several accessory programs such as a shopping calculator to help estimate the food list depending on the sushi of choice and the number of people at the table, a big rice timer screen for cooking the perfect batch of sushi rice (sticky, but not mushy) and a cooking equipment list among other things. These enhancements are helpful, but are not the centerpiece of what this app has to offer. Indeed, Teach Me Sushi reminds me of an old instructional LaserDisc, complete with the large navigational menus. Of course, back in the heyday of the LaserDisc, such a product would have cost $75 or more, so this higher resolution and more portable format selling for less than ten dollars is a bargain.


Teach Me Sushi iPad Edition

Overall, Teach Me Sushi is a reasonably priced, colorful, entertaining, educational and highly encouraging guide to making simple yet elegant sushi dishes. If you're interested in sushi but have yet to make your own, let Teach Me Sushi show you how.  You won't be disappointed.

Title: Teach Me Sushi iPad Edition
Developer: Jake Davidow
Price: $8.99 US
Rating: 4/5 stars

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