Slayer Pinball Rocks HD Review

Pinball wizards who are fans of Pinball HD for the iPad will be happy to learn that the same developer has created a pinball table for Sony Music themed with the heavy metal rock band Slayer.

Fans of Slayer's music will no doubt find the pinball interpretation of their music and visual style worth investigating, but for those of us who are not Slayer fans yet still looking for a pinball fix beyond Pinball HD will be satisfied with this game.

Anyone who has played Pinball HD will immediately feel right at home with Slayer Pinball.  The opening screen format, the play mechanics, ball physics and camera tracking are identical to Pinball HD, allowing experienced players the ability to focus on what new tricks Slayer HD has to offer.  Compared to the three tables offered in Pinball HD, Slayer's one and only pinball table is elaborately designed and dripping with red to match the band's demonic tones.  Even with these deep shades, the detail and fine resolution never gets muddied up by dark red smears of color.

Slayer Pinball Rocks HD Screenshot

While one table may seem anemic compared to Pinball HD, the number of moving elements and trick shots capable in Slayer Pinball is on the impressive order as some of the most elaborate real-world pinball tables.  In fact, as I played the game, I felt transported back in time to my own heavy metal era of the '80's playing hyperactive Bally-Midway and Williams pinball machines.  The frenetic action that players will encounter with Slayer Pinball is especially wild during multi-ball engagements.

One of the unique gameplay elements in Slayer Pinball is unlocking the Tap Tap Revolution-style guitar fret that plays one of Slayer's songs while players attempt to match the pattern taps of lights streaming down the guitar fret ball ramp.  I never did get the hang of this portion of the game, and my overall scores were held down as a result.  Also, like Pinball HD, Slayer Pinball doesn't support bumping or tilting the table which, for analog pinball players like me, hampers the full emulation effect to a certain degree.

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Slayer Pinball Rocks HD Screenshot

Unlike GameProm's Pinball HD, Slayer Pinball supports both iPhone and iPad and plays smooth as silk on both platforms.  The physical screen size reduction on the iPhone doesn't have any impact on game play which makes me wonder why GameProm didn't release Pinball HD as a universal app.

The bottom line is if you really enjoyed Pinball HD for the iPad, Slayer Pinball Rocks HD will take your appreciation of Gameprom's emulated pinball experience to the next level.  Even if you're not a fan of Slayer's music, you will enjoy the variety and challenge that this showpiece pinball game has to offer.

Product: Slayer Pinball Rocks HD

Developer: Gameprom / Sony Music Entertainment

Price: $2.99 US

Rating: 4/5 stars

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