Scosche fitRAIL Review


If you use the iPad everywhere you go like I do, one of those places is the gym. But the problem with most stationary workout equipment like stair climbers and treadmills is that their display shelves were designed to hold inexpensive paper magazines, not a five hundred dollar plus tablet computer. Scosche, a company well-known for its stellar audio products, has designed a bracket to address this very limitation. How does their fitRAIL hold up throughout a heavy workout? Read on to find out.
Even though the fitRAIL bracket looks huge in photos, it actually is rather small and, consequently, highly portable. Setting up the fitRAIL is a cinch - just fold out the two adjustable steel bars that hook over the front-facing displays found on most stationary exercise equipment. In my use, I found that the hooks were long enough to accommodate all the aerobic equipment at my gym, including ski machines and recumbent stationary bikes.
The iPad is held in place via the large black clip-on strap that snaps into place. Note that the strap is only designed to be long enough to hold the iPad in place in landscape mode. But since I find the majority of my use with the iPad is to watch video while exercising, this isn't a big limitation. One missing consideration I would have liked to seen included in the package is a screen protector or clear shield of some sort that covered the exposed face of the iPad. 
I tend to build up quite a sweat when working out. I find occasional drops of sweat occasionally plopped on the iPad's display when using the stair climbing equipment. It's nothing that a nearby hand towel can't wipe away, but I'd rather not have to worry about giving my iPad a bath along with myself after a hearty workout! Treadmills and stationary bikes don't pose this much of a problem, but sometimes the spray of heavy huffing and puffing can speckle the iPad's display as well. Since the fitRAIL can't brace the iPad when it's enclosed in a more protective case, this display protection oversight is unfortunate but tolerable. Perhaps in the next iteration of the fitRAIL, something can be creatively added to the design to shield the display from the byproducts of a good workout.
Scosche fitRAIL
Overall, I really liked how the fitRAIL performed and kept my iPad snug and secure while I pounded away on the aerobic equipment. Having the iPad included as part of my workout regime also made the fitness experience faster and, dare I say, more enjoyable. If you're looking for a mount that will let you include your iPad as part of your fitness routines, Scosche's fitRAIL won't disappoint.
Product: fitRAIL
Manufacturer: Scosche
Price: $49.99
Rating: 4/5 stars
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