Scosche boomCAN Review

Scosche designed one of my favorite headsets, so I was looking forward to hearing what their inexpensive external rechargeable battery-powered speaker sounded like. Does the boomCAN do audible justice to projecting high-fidelity sound for portable devices like the iPhone and iPad? Read on to find out.

Let's face it — the external speakers on iOS devices are adequate for short bursts of close proximity listening, but they're not the best when sharing the sound with others. The audio quality is pretty good, but volume is a problem.

Scosche designed the boomCAN to address the need to amplify a phone or tablet's audio output. The boomCAN comes with a USB to mini-USB cable that doubles up with a standard mini-headphone jack. This allows the boomCAN to recharge its battery while performing its job. Considering the portable size of the boomCAN (it's roughly equivalent to the size of a D battery), it delivers a remarkable boost of volume.



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Scosche advertises that the boomCAN's rechargeable battery lasts up to 7 hours, any from my own tests from a full charge seem to last nearly as long. I suspect battery life is related to the boomCAN's playback volume level. There is two setting switch on the bottom of the boomCAN that can be toggled to set the volume - I had it set on the loudest setting for my test. Not bad when comparing the boomCAN's battery life to that of the iPhone or iPod Touch.

The biggest problem I had with the boomCAN is that the audio sounds as if, well, it's coming out of a can. Imagine placing a single speaker into a coffee can. That's the quality of sound that the boomCAN reproduces. Given the boomCAN's price, portability and long-lasting rechargeable battery, I wasn't expecting concert hall quality reproduction, but it's hard not to notice, especially when compared to other, more expensive portable speakers. So if you're willing to spend three times the cost of the boomCAN for a rechargeable external stereo speaker with great sound reproduction and volume, you might instead want to consider something like the iMainGo X.

So if you're looking for an inexpensive, portable, rechargeable, single-speaker solution that projects audio better than most internal phone and tablet speakers, and you don't mind a tin can-like sound, the boomCAN may be worth a try.

Product: boomCAN
Manufacturer: Scosche Industries
Price: $24.99
Rating: 3/5 stars

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