Satechi BT Lite Headphones Review


Bluetooth headsets of all shapes, sizes, colors and features are flooding the market. With so much noise, it's hard for someone looking for an inexpensive, high quality stereo bluetooth headset that works perfectly with iOS devices. But if that someone were to ask me which was the best one under fifty dollars, I have an answer for them. Read on for my review.
Satechi is a well known brand manufacturer of iPad and iPhone products, and their BT Lite Headphones works not only with iOS devices but also most other modern Bluetooth audio capable hosts, such as Android and Windows smartphones. Better yet, the sound that emanates from the headphone speakers is as good as Bluetooth delivered audio I've listened to on headsets costing twice as much.
In addition, the BT Lite Headphones have a built-in mic to manage voice calls as well as play/pause skip forward/back and volume up/down controls to manage multimedia playback. The headphones also have an embedded lithium-ion battery that lasted just around 5 hours in my continuous music playing tests. Not bad, though with the iPad lasting twice as much on a full charge, you might need to account for an extra headset charge along the way.
Satechi BT Lite Headphones
My favorite feature about the BT Lite Headphones is that they are, well, light! Having worn a variety of stereo Bluetooth headsets and earphones in the past, I was pleasantly surprised just how lightweight and comfortable the BT Lite Headphones rested on my head. While the earphone padding could have been about half an inch wider for my big ears, they generally sat well after getting them positioned just right. The headphones also have a bit of a cheap plastic feel to them, but considering the price and the weight savings by not loading it up with heavy materials, I found this material trade-off perfectly acceptable.
As you would expect with any modern set of Bluetooth headphones, the pairing process takes just a few taps to set the device association. Then it's media streaming time. And like a lot of wireless headsets (both the high cost and budget variety), dropouts can occur depending on your distance and position to the iPad or iPhone during playback. But I didn't experience any higher instance of dropouts with the BT Lite compared to other Bluetooth headsets I've tested.
Overall, I'm thrilled with the comprehensive feature set and audio quality in this very economical headset. It's also more comfortable than many headsets I've worn, though as I said earlier, I could use just a bit wider padding surface to keep my ears from getting dented after more than an hour wearing the headphones. If you're looking for an economical wireless headset that has all the features of ones easily costing twice as much, you have to give the Satechi BT Lite Headphones a try!
Manufacturer: Satechi
Price: $44.99
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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