PodPlayer 1.1 Update Review

This is just a quick follow-up on my original review of PodPlayer. This new release brings several awesome features, one of which is my personal favorite. I asked the developer about adding it and he readily complied.

In addition to all the capabilities of the original 1.0 release, PodPlayer 1.1 adds the ability to automatically start playing selected podcasts when the app launches. No more fumbling around the screen or headset buttons when starting the app for the first time.

The new Auto Sleep mode automatically puts the player into sleep countdown mode after a certain time of day. So if you're like me and try to get to bed around the same time every night, PodPlayer will already be configured to shut down after a certain duration has passed.

In the first release, there was no way to back up start time and podcast favorite lists. The 1.1 version now backs these up using the standard iTunes device/apps section. Not only can they be backed up, but they can also be shared with other PodPlayer users so that you can benefit from their refinement of certain podcast start times and favorites of their own.

Podcast playback duration and file date are now listed on the main screen so you can more quickly determine which podcasts you want to listen to based on running time and/or date released. There are also minor tweaks like adding a brief sound effect when skipping over content, automatic refreshing of the current playback queue, faster list refresh along with a couple bug fixes.

But my favorite new feature is the built-in talking clock that can be triggered every 10 or 15 minutes. Audible time signatures can be rendered either as audio chimes, spoken time clock or both. I prefer both. The chime perks up my ears and the spoken time is brief enough to keep me informed while staying on schedule with my commute, workout, yard work or whatever.

Bottom line - these latest improvements make this is the best Podcast enhancement utility I have ever used, and I'm really looking forward to what developer MNE apps does next!

Product: PodPlayer
Developer: MNE apps
Price: $0.99
Rating: 5/5 stars

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Mike Riley is a frequent contributor to several technical publications and specializes in emerging technologies and new development trends. Mike was previously employed by RR Donnelley as the company’s Chief Scientist, responsible for determining innovative technical approaches to improve the company’s internal and external content services. Mike also co-hosted Computer Connection, a technology enthusiast show broadcast on Tribune Media's CLTV.