Phiaton PS 300 NC Headphones Review


Designed for discerning listeners hassled by loose earbuds or uncomfortable with shoving earphones into their outer ear canal, headphone manufacturer Phiaton has created a one-two punch to bring relief to those users. First, they have a great sounding product that snuggly rests over the ears. And second, their built-in noise cancellation technology is the perfect calming solution for travelers and those who work in noisy office environments. Read on for a closer look at these remarkable headphones.
The Phiaton PS 300 NC is an amazingly comfortable yet sturdily designed headphones that deliver exceptional audio. This audio delivery is further enhanced by the dual microphone sampling noise cancellation features of the headphones. The noise cancellation effect offers a substantial improvement in the overall enjoyment of an audio or audiovisual presentation. Air travelers or those working in offices with noisy HVAC systems will greatly appreciate the positive improvement these headphones make in their listening pleasure (and their sanity). Wearing them sure made a positive difference in my formerly noisy commute.
Phiatron PS 300 NC Headphones
I also like the fact that the headphones fold down to a nicely compact size when not in use. Phiatron did a super job thinking through a number of important aspects. Naturally, one would expect Phiatron would do their homework considering the PS 300 NC's suggested retail price.
The PS 300 NC package includes a large array of accessories, ranging from a hardshell zipper headphone carrying case and two wired cables (one for standard audio players, the other features a built-in mic and headset control that works perfectly with iOS devices) to a wide array of plugs to support nearly every consumer electronics electric socket in the world. A pair of headphone jack adapters (one for the traditional quarter inch size as well as a dual plug adapter for plugs often found in commercial airline seats) are also included. 
Phiatron PS 300 NC Headphones with Case
Most notably, the package also includes two rechargeable batteries to power the noise cancellation circuit - one to power the headphones while the other can be in the included USB-compatible battery recharger.
About the only other feature I would have liked to have seen in the PS 300 NC is built-in Bluetooth capability. This way, I could enjoy noise cancelled audio wirelessly. Granted, this would have likely added both bulk and cost to the product, but when you're spending nearly three hundred dollars on headphones, what's another fifty dollars (or more) for a Bluetooth radio and built-in voice microphone?
Even without this requested feature, Phiaton has certainly gone the distance to offer an superlatively comfortable and terrific sounding headphones with highly effective noise cancellation in the PS 300 NC. It is without a doubt on the high-end scale of portable wired noise canceling headphones that I have found to deliver a stellar listening experience for the high end mobile audiophile like me.
Manufacturer: Phiaton
Price: $299
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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