Optrix Helmet Camera Mount Review


I have reviewed a number of mounts for the iPhone, but the Optrix Helmet camera mount is the first one I've tested that bolts the iPhone to a sports helmet. Designed primarily for fans of intense sports benefiting from a first person perspective video recording, the Optrix encases the iPhone or 4th generation iPod Touch in a plastic housing that protects Apple's hardware from the elements. Read on to learn how the Optrix performs in the real world.
The Optrix comes packaged with a waterproof case, a sled for either the iPhone or iPod Touch, both curved and flat mounting bases (with adhesive backings) and a quick release lever to connect the case to the helmet. The bases can also be mounted to a surface like a motorcycle gas tank, but the case was optimally designed for a front-facing helmet mount.
Optrix Camera Mount
After placing the iPhone or iPod Touch on the appropriate sled, it is then slid into the Optrix case that the camera port positioned to provide maximum view angles while protecting the lens behind a thin sheet of clear plastic. The case is then clipped in place with a dual locking mechanism to help prevent it from popping open during whatever rigorous outdoor bumps and rattles it is subjected to. 
Optrix Helmet Camera Mount
Combined with the iPhone 4S's image stabilization capabilities, the video shot during a snowboarding or ski run help capture the thrills of the moment. The Optrix construction stayed in place during my shakes and rolls, and if my helmet wasn't strapped on, the helmet would have come loose before the Optrix did. Of course, if you're expecting to use the mount in a sport that concludes with earthbound head plants, you probably will want to look at a more expensive, dedicated camera unless you have an extra iPhone or iPod Touch lying around that you don't mind ending up in pieces along with the mount itself.
Optrix Front
Overall, the Optrix Helmet Camera delivers on what it promises, and while the price is rather hefty compared to other mounts, the price of replacing a mangled, handheld iPhone attempting to capture the same kind of video event is considerably higher.
Manufacturer: Optrix
Price: $89.95
Rating: 4/5 stars
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