Moderna MS 200 Earphones Review


Looking to replace the earphones that came with your iPhone? How about having a quality audio set for when you're listening to your iPad? Audio accessory maker Phiaton has the Moderna MS 200 earphones offer premium sound with a unique design. Read on to find out if these high-end earphones are worthy of their notable asking price.
Phiaton, a company that is fearlessly pushing the boundaries of in-ear sound, has developed the Moderna MS 200 to offer discerning mobile audiophiles a better way to listen to their music, podcasts and other audio programs. Unlike the earphones that Apple bundles with its iPhone and iPod Touch, the Moderna MS 200's are notably larger and better design to fit and stay in the ear.
Upon closer inspection of the earphones themselves, they are not your usual earbud design. Instead, Phiaton has created what they call a "Multi-Tune Acoustic Design" that features a dual-chamber that they say improves bass level and high-frequency response as well as optimize airflow. Rather than planting these earphones in your ear, you have to orient them in just the right way, especially since the right and left earphones are angled appropriately. There's no way you will be able to comfortably wear the right earphone in the left ear and vice versa. But once seated, the earphones sit comfortably in and along the outer ear. I have worn them for a few days and even though the earphone assembly is larger than other earphones I have worn, they never became uncomfortable to wear even over long listening periods.
Besides the unique in-ear design, the real driver for considering these earphones is for the sound. In a word - superb. Whether its the high-end audio quality, the dual-chamber configuration or both, the Moderna delivered a full body, wide range of sound without completely blocking out sounds of the outside world.
Phiaton Moderna MS 200 Earphones
The red earphone cables are large enough to be tangle-free, yet not so large that they get in the way. They do add a slight amount of weight, enough to make me add a cable clip I had from an older pair of earphones to keep the cables from tugging on my ears. Given how Phiaton is so accommodating with its selection of six ear tips included in the package, it 's too bad they didn't also include a simple removable cable clip specifically designed for the diameter of the cables. The clip I used was for cables much smaller, so I had to resort to clipping the right ear cable instead of the main cable before it bifurcates into the left and right cables. Even though this arrangement prevented the cables from tugging on my ears, it kept the alignment ever-so-slightly off kilter. Perhaps in the next iteration, Phiaton can bundle a clip to satisfy cable weight sensitive people like me.
Overall, Phiaton continues to hit the mark with their search for audio excellence and the quality, design and clear sound of the Moderna MS 200 Earphones help solidify Phiaton's place in the earphone market. While the price may be outside the range of some people, if you're seeking a high quality, comfortable and no-hassle in-ear earphone listening experience then do yourself a favor and consider the Moderna for their next pair of earphones.
Manfacturer: Phiaton
Cost: $149
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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