Karas Kustoms Aluminum iPad Case Review


iPad cases are becoming the belt buckles of the 21st century. Each one is designed with a unique style targeting a specific type of person. This analogy is evident in a case designed for the new iPad by Karas Kustoms. What makes their product different from all the other iPad cases? Read on to find out.
While most iPad cases are made of plastic, vinyl or leather, the Karas Kustoms Aluminum iPad case is one of the few I've seen made out of thick machined aluminum, a beautiful anodized finish and faceted into place with and stainless button head hardware. Yes, you literally screw the case into place around the iPad via the 4 corner posts. The rubber bumpers on the back frame keep the iPad from slipping once it has been secured in place via the front frame.
Karas Kustoms iPad Case - Front
At first I was a concerned that not having any rubber bumper protection on the front plate frame that rests against the iPad's front glass panel could potentially scratch the glass surface, I was assured by Karas that the rear bumper kept the iPad from slipping once the front plate was properly secured. While I didn't see any damage after using the Karas cover, it is still a source of unease.  If Karas makes improvements with the case, the first addition I would like to see in the next iteration is bumper on the front aluminum frame.
Currently available in either black or silver, Karas may be offering additional colors soon. 
And even though this type of metal iPad case begs to be engraved, Karas currently does not offer that as a purchase option (though I suspect they would be open to the idea if a large single order of cases depended on it).
One other unique aspect to keep in mind about the Karas Kustoms Aluminum iPad case is the fact that it is manufactured in the United States (Mesa, Arizona to be more precise). So unlike the catalog of many other iPad cases that have been constructed overseas, buying one actually made in the USA is a somewhat unique differentiator in and of itself.
Karas Kustoms iPad Case - Back
Overall, is the Karas Kustoms iPad case worth the asking prce? If you're the type of person who likes the look of machined metal and want to announce to the world that you're a fan of industrial design and machined parts, then this case is for you. If, however, you're looking for a standard, quiet iPad case that fully covers the front and back of the iPad as well as ofer a means to prop the iPad up when the case is folded, the Karas case is not the optimal choice. Still, for those who spend the money to bling out their iPads with this case, you will no doubt get looks of surprise and interest when you set your iPad down on a table and watch people hover around it while they pepper you with eager questions about what kind of case, why did you get it and where they can buy their own will dominate the first few minutes of the meeting.
Manufacturer: Karas Kustoms
Price: $69
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


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