Just Mobile UpStand Review

With the choice of iPad stands continuing to expand almost on a daily basis, iPad owners looking for the design that best suits their functional needs and aesthetic desires is becoming increasingly differentiated.  Going beyond the simple easel, Just Mobile's UpStand takes a fixed pedestal approach and matches it with the kind of high quality aluminum frame composite material that has the look of Apple's metallic design.



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The UpStand has supporting rubberized pads on the bottom of its base to keep the stand from sliding on smooth table surfaces, and the two brackets that hold the iPad in place are wide enough to accommodate most iPad cases, something that is becoming increasingly common these days. I don't know anyone with an iPad that uses it on a daily basis without some kind of case, and considering how annoying it is to remove a tightly bound case in order to mount the iPad on an non-accommodating stand, the UpStand's bracket dimension is a welcome feature.

The UpStand is also stable thanks to its two immovable legs that hold the iPad frame up. However, some users may balk at the UpStand's inability to pivot the stand in order to attain a better viewing angle. The frame also does not rotate, but that's not a big deal since users can simply pick up the iPad and re-seat the iPad in the desired orientation. Heavy-handed finger sweeps on a seated iPad also have the tendency of slightly bouncing the stand, but that problem is easily remedied with a lighter touch.

Overall, this moderately priced stand makes for an attractive, sturdy display for the iPad while at work or play, and is especially functional when coupled with an Apple wireless bluetooth keyboard for an effective high-tech substance meets style combination.

Product: UpStand

Manufacturer: Just Mobile

Cost: $49.95 US

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