Just Mobile HeadStand Review

Just Mobile is one of those companies that, like Apple, consistently designs elegant products. The simplicity of their product, from iPad and iPhone stands to styli and device chargers, masks the thoughtful hours of design and number of internal iterations that they created to bring the final version to market. Does their stand designed to hold headphones continue Just Mobile's commitment to functionally beautiful accessories? Read on to find out.

If you're an audiophile who prefers using serious headphones to listen to audio content at home on your iPhone or iPad, you probably have your expensive but bulky headphones resting on its side on your desk. While it's convenient to have your headphones in such easy reach on the desk, the thought of resting such an investment on a desk that might have a layer of dust or worse is unsettling. Not to mention, it just looks a bit messy and out of place. Just Mobile's HeadStand has come to your rescue.
The HeadStand looks best on a desk paired with other Just Mobile products, especially their UpStand for the iPad. Indeed, in today's Post PC world, a desk with wireless headphones, an iPad and Apple's Bluetooth wireless keyboard is all you need for an immersive computing experience for work and play. When these Just Mobile products are situated on a modern high quality desk with accompanying hardware, the ensemble looks both stunningly fashionable and intelligently high-tech. Plus it's not just the form that makes the HeadStand work, but also its function. For example, when disconnecting the charging for my wireless heads, the cable inevitably slips behind my desk. Not so with the HeadStand, since I just slip the detached cable between the HeadStand's legs where it stays until my headphones need a recharge.  The HeadStand also works extremely well for wired headphones as well by keeping the cable from tangling or snagging the corner of the desk. Plus it keeps the headphones from acting like a dust magnet when setting them down on a dusty surface.
HeadStand with UpStand
It still surprises me that something so simple looking continues to bring a satisfied smile to my face when seeing it perfectly situated on my desk.  If you value a classy work environment and have invested almost the same amount of money in headphones than in your iPad, get Just Mobile's HeadStand and watch it regularly bring a smile to your face as well.
Product: HeadStand
Manufacturer: Just Mobile
Price: $49.95
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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