Just Mobile AluPen+AluCube and Horizon Reviews

Just Mobile, a company that is on a prolific iPhone and iPad hardware stand accessory roll, recently released their newest members to the iOS lifestyle family. The AluCube is a stylish rubberized-tipped aluminum pen with matching stand, and the Horizon is a wall mount for iPad and iPad2 devices. Read on for more details on each.

Just Mobile AluPen+AluCube

This latest combination is Just Mobile's popular AluPen combined with a nice, weighty brushed metal stand. By itself, the AluPen is a screen pen unlike other iPhone and iPad styli. Many iOS styli are modeled from tradition pen designs, often small and unassuming. Not so with the AluPen. Looking like a thick metallic pencil (complete with the angled pencil ridges and tapering point), the AluPen sits well in the hand and its rubberized tip glides over the glass surface of the iPad or iPhone with ease. See the AluPen in action on this video.



Beyond the obvious benefits of these types of styli when using drawing programs or freehand note taking inking applications, the AluPen once again stands out due to its matching AluCube metallic base that it sits in, like a 21st century interpretation of the ink well. The base of the AluCube is lined with rubber so it stays put on smooth tabletop surfaces. It also features a press-on cable anchor for additional stability and security.

Sold separately, the AluPen does come in a variety of colors like black, red, blue, gold, pink and so on, while the AluCube comes as a single block of aluminum. Combined, the AluPen+AluCube currently ships in this single aluminum color to maintain its stylishly attractive, high-tech looking design.

I liked the feel of the AluPen in my hand. The pencil-like ridges add that extra tactile sense of familiarity and the weight of the pen was just right. The addition of the AluCube gives the AluPen a place to sit while the pen is not being used, and also serves as a visual reminder of where I can find the pen when I need it. Overall, a good combination and one I recommend that iOS graphic artists and freehand note-takers consider when they're looking for a stylus for their iPad or iPhone.

Product: AluPen+AluCube
Manufacturer: Just Mobile
Price: $39.95 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Just Mobile Horizon

iPad stands come in all kinds of shapes and styles, but the Hoizon stands out in that it is a wall-mount stand for the iPad.

Created by the same design team behind the AluPen, AluCube and many of Just Mobile's table-centric iPad stands, the Horizon is just two pieces of aluminum - a shelf for the iPad to sit in and a bracket with a ball-lock mechanism and screw holes for secure wall mounting. It helps to turn the iPad into a wall-mounted digital frame that can be seated either in portrait or landscape mode. The shelf accommodates both the iPad and iPad 2, and a slot in the center of the shelf allows the Apple dock connector to be plugged in while the iPad sits in portrait mode. There's also a convenient center drill hole to be able to access the iPad's home button when seated in portrait orientation.


Just Mobile Horizon

The use cases for the Horizon are fairly limited. Because the shelf slot assumes a bare iPad, it's not intended to support encased iPads. And since it's not a desk stand, it's also not really intended for easy access iPad desktop operation. Rather, I see the Horizon being used by artists in high-tech galleries, retailers who want to imitate the Apple Store experience by using iPads to advertise their wares, families who enjoy using the iPad as an expensive digital portrait frame, and constrained apartment or condominium dwellers who use the iPad as their overall media center. This user category could mount their iPad in the Horizon and watch videos and Netflix streams as if the iPad were a miniature version of a wall-mounted flat panel television.

Because of the limited audience, the Horizon is also priced at a premium level. Fifty dollars is a lot of money to pay for a shelf and bracket, but for those looking for an elegant way to secure their iPads to a vertical flat surface, the Horizon stands out as a iPad stand designed for a wall.

Product: Horizon
Manufacturer: Just Mobile
Price: $49.95 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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